January 22nd, 2019

2B Newsletter                                                                                  January 22, 2019



Dear Parents,


A few notes…

  • Friday, students may wear free dress. We will be planting primroses around the school grounds, so student’s attire should be appropriate for this activity.
  • Please view the Holy Rosary homepage or the EFC for important information regarding National Catholic School’s Week, January 27st– February 3th.  It starts with Open House from 12:00-1:30 on Sunday the 27th.
  • No spelling test this week. Time will be spent doing a ‘spelldown’ so we can determine two students who will participate in the Catholic School’s Week spelling bee and represent 2B.
  • The ‘I Had a Great Day’ reports worked well last week.  These will not be continued on a daily basis this week. I will randomly send these home to those who are trying extra hard to do well in class. Students may be given an ‘Uh Oh’ note when they need a reminder about behavior.  These are sent home for a parent signature and then need to be returned.


A peek at our week….

Reading – This week our anchor text is ‘Building Animal Homes.’ Our second story is titled ‘Whose Home is This? Both of these are examples of informational text. While reading these pieces of literature aloud, we will focus on using expression. Our target skill is Text and Graphic Features.


Poem of the Week– ‘The Snowman’


Social Studies– The second grade engineers will createa community STEM project. Students will design and build a structure from one of the three types of communities (urban, rural, suburban) we have been learning about in class.  Stop by and check them out next week. They will be on display in our hallway.


Second Step – The students will learn how to manage their emotions.  We will talk about when we have strong feelings it is hard to think clearly.  We will learn how to control our thoughts so we can be in charge of how we feel.


Math – We will wrap up our chapter on money and begin a chapter on place value.


Writing– The students will express what they love about Holy Rosary School in a creative way.  These will be displayed in our hallway for Catholic School’s Week and the Open House.


Religion– We will use our religion time to decorate lunch bags with Bible verses about peace for the grandparent’s luncheon.



Tuesday                   Math– Money practice packet

Wednesday              Religion– The students will be bringing home three white

lunch bags.  These need to be beautifully decorated for the grandparent’s luncheon. Students may use marker and/or crayon. They can include some simple words (Example: God Bless You or Have a Wonderful Day) and some creative illustrations of Holy Rosary, a cross, rainbows, flowers, etc.  Please make sure each side is decorated.

Thursday                  Reading– Book bag: Read aloud to an adult for 20 minutes



Have a great week,



Mrs. Yi